Saturday, 25 June 2016

Return to post humanity: I suck at space hedgehogs

Greetings, Fellow commanders.

It's been a while.

A lot has happened since I last posted. (got our sovereignty back for one thing, last time I'll mention it promise)

I've had an educational but ultimately frustrating stint of playing as the Shaltari. An interesting force with many unique mechanics and nuances, ultimately the E10 pillow fistedness of the faction got the better of me, so I am returning to my original faction with renewed vigour, and fresh appreciation for all the beautiful E11 we have access to as proud post humans!

I've also grown better as a painter in that time, so I felt it was time my army was stripped and started anew, with a fresh colour scheme.

I've got some of updates to make retroactively it seems, I want to at least recount in summary my UKGE experience, but I wanted to start off by dropping both some pics of my Shaltari (currently up for sale) and go over the stripping process I begun today.

So, the Shaltari

These guys were a joy to paint, interesting and dynamic, they are some of hawks most interesting models. I used these guys for Karl's slow grow league, and painted up quite a bit more besides. by the end of the league however, I was quite unhappy with how they play, and how they make games play out. I would either win through means so untouchable my opponents were frustrated to the point of not wanting to play any more, or the game would turn into a dragging, attrition based slugfest where my shields, combined with my relatively ineffective e10 guns, meant very little died turn to turn on either side.

I don't think this is an issue inherent to Shaltari, but I think it's inherent to how I play wargames, combined with the Shaltari playstyle. I like to take a very specific tool, and apply it to exactly the job it's best at, and Shaltari just doesn't work that way, it's not about systematically disassembling your opponent, it's about dancing around, getting shit done and mitigating attacks against them, and honestly I feel I may just lack the subtlety to make the most of them.

They are up for sale now, as it goes :) drop a comment or something or message me if you're interested :)

I'm going to close off for now, but I'm preparing an article on stripping Dropzone miniatures that I'll have up soon (most of the photographs are done, I just need to do some editing.)


  1. Absolutely lovely. Definitely one of my three favorite DzC Shaltari armies yet!

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