Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ildari's Irregulars: The Mercury

Hello again fellow Commanders, I've decided I want to use this blog to spotlight some of the lesser used units in Dropzone commander, this may be because the current meta has uplifted a unit that fills a similar role or slot for your faction, leaving it a less desired choice, or it could be that the faction has moved away from a play style that particular unit used to find a home in.

Whatever the reason, this segment seeks to spotlight these units, extol their virtues and strengths, discuss frankly their weaknesses, and if possible make a case for putting together a list that celebrates that unit and its contribution (even if it's just a bit of fluffy fun). I will of course lead by example by attempting to put together a viable 1500 list for any unit I spotlight, as well as playing it for a batrep. Letting either Nick or Alex likely smash me into a paste as a result.

As a sign of my commitment to this endeavour, On Monday I'll be running a list featuring a unit I've never actually seen played; the humble mercury scout drone for PHR.

Preamble out of the way, let's get into the Mercury and see what makes it tick.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Accessory review: KOed Centurion dice bag

So this week is actually a pretty poor week to start blogging my experiences with DZC, as I'm actually unable to get a game in.

On that note, hey, ho, filler posts go!

I'll get this admission out of the way here, I'm a big nerd. I'm not content to just play a game, I feel the need to fluff my army if I can, and a big part of that for me was designing a logo and giving my detachment of the Post Human Republic their own identity.

My other major admission is I'm kind of disorganized if left to my own devices, often forgetting or losing my tape measure, laser pointer etc, and I've wanted some form of transport/ storage solution for a while now.

Enter KOed and its Centurion dice bag. I was referred this by a friend, and I have to say I'm pretty happy with both what I got, and what I paid for it.

Monday, 22 February 2016

It Begins

Hey fellow Commanders! I figured I've settled enough into Dropzone commander that it'd be worth keeping a blog to track my progress in both painting and playing. I have to say it's been a long time coming. Since starting to wargame two to three years ago, I've bounced around games pretty erratically, finding things I liked in each but ultimately moving on. Dropzone however has consistently kept me engaged and excited to play my next game.

I've been playing for a good few months now, learning from a couple of guys who got me involved and recently got my first tournament attendance under my belt with Invasion 2016, Thanks to the efforts of Hawk and the Talons I don't think I could've possibly had a more positive or engaging first event.
So this is how this blog is going to work. I'll be writing up battle reports and any insights into the game or rules I encounter as I continue to learn and expand my forces. I'll also be posting shots of my painted miniatures and occasional conversions/ kit bashes. I'm also hoping to do specific unit spotlights, and maybe the odd review of various gaming accessories I think might be useful specifically to Dropzone Commander.
As you can likely guess from the blog title, I'm a PHR player. Movin' slow, shootin' long! My PHR force has its own little emblem and I'm hoping to write a spot of short fiction focused around their exploits. The army sports a yellow/orange theme (and usually is in some state of WiP as I'm always tweaking with them and messing with their scheme). The detachment is lead by Grand Vizier Zael Ildari.

So that's probably enough for an initial post. I'm unable to get a game in this week, so I've no batrep to post, but to make up for that, I've done a little review of the dice bag I had made for my PHR, as well as a little summary of the Shaltari force I've begun and will be entering into an escalation campaign being run by Karl at

Until next time, Commanders.