Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Accessory review: KOed Centurion dice bag

So this week is actually a pretty poor week to start blogging my experiences with DZC, as I'm actually unable to get a game in.

On that note, hey, ho, filler posts go!

I'll get this admission out of the way here, I'm a big nerd. I'm not content to just play a game, I feel the need to fluff my army if I can, and a big part of that for me was designing a logo and giving my detachment of the Post Human Republic their own identity.

My other major admission is I'm kind of disorganized if left to my own devices, often forgetting or losing my tape measure, laser pointer etc, and I've wanted some form of transport/ storage solution for a while now.

Enter KOed and its Centurion dice bag. I was referred this by a friend, and I have to say I'm pretty happy with both what I got, and what I paid for it.

The Centurion is a nifty little dice bag with a lot of thought put into it. It has a looped strap on the side suitable for a pen (albeit one with a clip), inside it has a stretchy strap that KOed's site claims will hold 20 cards comfortably, However when I tried, it easy holds snug my entire Dropzone Commander command deck, even with the whole deck in sleeves, it's comfortable and not overstretched or difficult to remove/replace them.

 The bag's got a lot of customization potential too. I elected to keep mine simple with the selection of the internal and external bag colours, along with a single embroidered emblem on the front of the bag. additional embroidery is possible on other faces of the bag for a small price increase per face.

The bag is really spacious, and holds basically everything I'd usually be scrabbling around to locate before an evening of wargaming, and has room left over for when I finally get around to buying some dropzone specific tokens.

(I also got a little KOed dice in my bag, I'm a sucker for stuff like that <3 )

In terms of my specific customizations and customer service, KOed were extremely responsive and helpful in my communications with them. I provided an image and we talked through potential colour options based upon the scheme of my army, with Ruth providing recommendations and making my options clear to me.

The stitching on my bag is lovely, the emblem I think looks great and has a lot of punch, The yellow is just what I was hoping for and I think it fits my army well. The construction of the bag itself is very strong and the material feels very resilient, I can see the bag lasting a long, long time.

All in all, it's an awesome product for Dropzone if you don't already own a bag or some other means of transporting all your gaming gubbinz, and I highly recommend it. KOed is basically a one woman show from what I can see, and it's nice to give an awesome service a plug.

KOed is based in Sweden, but despite that and the custom nature of my order, I paid out around 20 quid tops, including shipping to the UK. My bag arrived alarmingly quickly, too.

You can check out KOeds dice bags here

This is my first time reviewing a product, so I expect lots of room for improvement, but I hope I've done KOed some justice on their lovely work. I paid for the bag myself and don't have any kind of affiliation or promotional deal with them.


  1. That looks a really nice product. Also kudos on the custom logo - looks great.

  2. The bag and the logo both look awesome.