Sunday, 6 March 2016

Scourgin' on a Sunday: Starter Set + Opressor Commander

Greets again fellow Commanders! Today is sunday, and my brother Tom's Scourge starter set arrived this week, and has been waiting to assimilate some paint.

Tom's new to Dropzone commander, although he's played many of the war games I have over the last few years. We mostly spend weekends painting and modelling together, since coming back from uni it's kind of been how we've spent quality time.

Anyway, Tom's usually a goodie two shoes (sorry bro :P) and plays good guys (he's a big Cygnar fan for you warmahordes players out there), So this is a big change of pace for him, nevertheless he was just as enthusiastic as ever to get these evil little jellyfish ready for Karl's slow grow league.

We assembled everything Friday, so we hit the ground running today with painting. Step by Step and finished pics included, So click past the cut and enjoy!

One day, I'll find a way to clean you, keyboard. I am so sorry.

Paint list

So before we start, here's a list of the paints and washes we used today.
Vallejo Black primer
Vallejo Model Air Aluminium
Nuln Oil (Wash)
Druchii Violet (wash)
Vallejo Game Air Bloody Red
Hashut Copper

How to paint horrible space jellyfish that want to enslave you.

So with everything assembled, we busted out the spraybooth and laid down a layer of Vellejo black primer with the airbrush. This stuff is a dream to work with if you take your time. I like to thin it slightly just to combat any issues laying down so much paint in one go.

As soon as the primer was dry, we hit the models with my favourite metallic paint, Vallejo model air Aluminium. I know chrome is a favourite amongst many, and I'm sure it's just as nice, but for versatility I love the aluminium paint, it can go on super bright, be filthied up, be tarnished or tinted. it's just at that sweet spot where you can use it for so many different metal effects.

Shiny and Chrome. The warboys would be proud.

So, with the Aluminium basecoat dry, we got down to the fun stuff. A healthy slather of GW Nuln oil wash. I showed tom how to apply the wash evenly, using a fairly large brush and using the side of the brush to get large, even swathes of wash distributed over the surfaces. Scourge stuff has this wonderful shading to it, but it doesn't look 'dirty' like hastily applied nuln oil, it has to be as even as you can get it.

This is a small table I use for working on sometimes by the way. I swear my house isn't covered in paint.

After this rather laboured step of getting even washing applied (and everything had been allowed to dry) the fun stuff began. Tom and I worked together to get through the entire force, applying Druchii Violet wash in stripes across the hulls of the vehicles. generally the goal here is getting consistent coverage, and making sure the stripes completely envelope the sections of hull that they should. when tinting Scourge machines with wash, you can always ramp the intensity of the colour with a second coat of wash, you won't even lose the metallic coat underneath! While we worked through, I also grabbed some Vallejo game air Bloody red, and used a brush to get the eyes looking suitably sinister. After finishing striping his last tank, tom also grabbed a brush and deftly handled all those copper vents the Scourge seem to think are trendy. We had a pot of GW Hashut Copper kicking around that seems to have worked very well for Tom here.

The final touch ups consist of two small but what I would call essential steps. First, every eye needs a double layer of Gloss varnish. When you apply it, get a good helping on without being messy, try and get a clean top surface with as little texture as possible, avoid brushing it on too thinly and you should be fine. Once dried, repeat with a slightly thinner coat and your eyes should really pop. They gain a lovely shine and it really brings the colour out too.

Last thing to do was a quick drybrush of VMA Aluminium over the tendrils and ribs of each war machine, as well as some gentle drybrushing of the exposed aluminium basecoat, to bring back sheen in places that organically would have it. this step is essential in keeping that Giger-esque look the Scourge wear so well, it especially made the beautifully detailed back carapace of the Oppressor pop.

Aww, ain't he cute? All ready to facilitate the continued enslavement of mankind <3

And so in a few short hours we had a completed Scourge starter set, sans infantry which I'm keeping aside for a separate how to. I'll try and arrange for better work in progress photos next time, as our working environment was a bit limited today. However in light of Tom's baptism into 10mm painting, as well as his first painted Dropzone miniatures, I broke out my light box to take some better photos of his finished jellys.

I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of my little bro. I helped and guided but only a little bit. he's come a long way in a short space of time. I'm just hoping he's less successful on the battlefield, or I'm in trouble.

Well that's it for now. I'll be posting an infantry painting guide (with better pictures) shortly. and following that will be a comprehensive batrep of my first league game vs. Alex.


  1. Great painting guide and a great end result.

  2. These look amazing! I wish I could paint like this.

    Lots of practice coming my way

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  4. Awesome Thank you for sharing

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! Exactly what I was looking for to do my Scourge!